How We Started

We Care For Your Business Problems

We are a technology-oriented company that is passionate in synergizing technologies into daily life in creating a highly efficient working & living environment.

Best Technology-Oriented Company since 2014.

How INCHZ IoT Started

Inchz IoT Sdn Bhd was registered in 2014 to breathe life into your assets and inventories with the best possible workflow transformation. Since then, we have expanded into 3 major cities in Malaysia — Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Penang.

One of our main aims is to convert and translate the complexities of the Internet of Things (IoT) into value-driven solutions for companies to operate extraordinarily to achieve greater heights. What this means is that our technology steps out of the core of an enterprise. We create a livelihood for digital innovation to live in an area where growth can be achieved (the edge of the enterprise) as work gets completed more efficiently.
We have implemented this methodology into intelligent or smart factories, production automation, warehouses, supply chain track and trace and many other areas where the is the need to drive efficiency within a business. We create such implementations via RFID, Mobility, AutoID, IoT &IR4.0 via technology consulting, software solutions, engineering support, hardware provisions and consumable customisation.

Our Mission

Transforming business by livening up your assets & inventories.

Our Vision

We synergize IoT technologies into your daily operations to create highly efficient workflows for maximum growth.

Recognitions by Principals, NGO and Academics

Advanced RFID Specialist for Zebra Technologies

Industrial Advisor Panel of Robotics Engineering Programme for MMU
Member of the National 5G Taskforce by MCMC
gs1 malaysia
Member of GS1 Malaysia
SME Business Partner with Maxis
Member of the Intel Partner Alliance
V-One Partner with Vitrox
HID IDT Partner
Advantech Business Alliance Partner