Returnable & Rental Asset Tracking

RFID Pallet Tracking & Returnable Asset in Malaysia

A system that tracks and traces your returnable assets, to give you a piece of mind in managing them effortlessly. It’s a system that’s not only reducing the dependencies on manpower but also eliminates unnecessary operation losses owing to human mistakes.
With accurate asset insight comes greater planning and mobilization of stock and cash flow.


RFID System Makes Supply Chain Operations Easy

We need a unique Identification Number (ID) for every returnable asset in order to identify, track, and trace them.
A normal printed barcode or QR label will not survive the harsh environment as the printing fades off after some time, and worse if the label gets scratched or peeled off for many reasons.
An active tracker such as GPS or BLE technology is just too expensive and difficult to maintain for operating with a battery. The mass quantity of your returnable asset and its dynamic movements will give a big ‘NO’ to the active tracker solutions.
RFID tags come in many form factors that are built tough and are able to support different tagging methods that fit into different asset materials, shapes, and sizes.
The common RFID tagging methods are screw-on, weld-on, tie-on, clip-on, epoxy-glue-on, and the most favourable method is to embed the RFID tag right into or on your asset. Literally, an RFID tag will last forever without needing any maintenance.


Returnable Asset Tracking System Using RFID

A perfectly managed returnable asset operation such as a warehouse pallet tracking system is critical to ensure your business is not being interrupted by any shortage or unavailability of the returnable assets.
With the help of our RFID RTIMS system, the operational critical information can be at your fingertips:

You know what they have and where they are.

You know when they are coming back.

You know who are delaying and not returning it to you.

You know what your asset has been through.

You know who is liable for messing up your asset.


Benefits of RFID for Managing Returnable Asset

Our RFID RTIMS system provides you with real-time access to the critical information you need to manage your operations efficiently. With this system, you’ll always be in control and ready to respond to any challenges at your fingertips:

Automate the operation to minimise
the dependencies on manpower.

Automate the operation to minimise the dependencies on manpower.

Getting rid of unnecessary operational losses due to human mistakes.

Optimise the returnable asset management and planning to maximise the cash flow and revenue.

Facilitate the visibility of asset, operational and sales analytical data for informed business decisions, planning, and strategies.

Asset Location Tracking

The RFID Handheld Terminal is a valuable tool for locating misplaced items. Its long-range penetrative scanning, similar to radar, enables users to easily search for missing assets. The terminal emits a beep when it is near the targeted item.
The Passive RFID RTLS or Real Time Location System is another cutting-edge RFID technology that facilitates a granular tracking of goods movement in 3-axis positioning, which can further simplify the locating of an asset even if it is a relatively inexpensive asset.

Stock Count

With a scanning speed of ~1,000 data capturing per second, RFID is been regarded as the best stock count technology. The long-range penetrative scanning capabilities with ultra-speedy performance is giving the convenience of stock counting at minimum resources.

Automated Movement Tracking

An RFID Gantry is able to track the movement of assets passing through, hence reflecting the updated location of the asset residing.
Typically an RFID gantry is installed at the outbound and inbound tracking spots to automate the location updating when assets move from one premise to another, in real-time manner.

Detailed Reporting

Our RFID RTIMS platform comes with rich reporting that serves the returnable and rental asset management needs. The reports can be generated in a few clicks to call upon real-time operational information.

Maximise Assets Usage

RFID RTIMS system keeps track of the activities of every single returnable asset, and tells if there is any asset being idle. The real-time information enables the operation to locate and deploy the assets at the maximum level.

Prevent Loss of Assets

RFID very much helps the safeguarding of goods with its long-range and penetrative scanning capability. The electromagnetic wave of RFID is able to cut through most materials to detect the RFID tags within.
Often, RFID is being used as an anti-theft to prevent the unauthorised movement of goods. RFID RTIMS system keeps track of who is delaying and not returning the asset on time, hence simplifying the investigation and compensation billing for any loss of an asset.

Reduce Disputes Among Partners

With detailed track & trace real-time information of every returnable asset, the RFID RTIMS platform serves with high-integrity data that answers any dispute among the business partners or stakeholders building a more efficient working relationship.

Identify Shortage or Surplus

RFID stocktake is able to tally the system quantity against the physical quantity to tell if there are any discrepancies. The safety stock level monitoring inbuilt into the platform is able to gauge and alert then the asset level is not at its optimum quantity across the premises.

Frequently Asked Questions on
RFID Based Pallet Tracking

RFID pallet tracking technology faces a number of challenges in its implementation and use. One of the biggest challenges is the cost of RFID readers, tags, and software can be prohibitive, especially for those who are just starting out.

Another challenge is the training and education required to effectively implement and use RFID systems can also pose a challenge. RFID technology is complex and requires a certain level of expertise to effectively manage it.

Therefore, it is crucial to keep these challenges in mind when implementing RFID solutions or even better, seek the advice of an RFID expert on the implementation.

The radio waves utilized by RFID technology face major hindrances in the form of metal and water. These materials can significantly impact the transmission of radio waves, leading to limitations in the use of RFID.

Metal has the ability to deflect radio waves at ultrahigh frequencies, thereby disrupting the signal transmission. Meanwhile, water can absorb radio waves, resulting in weakened signals.

These challenges must be taken into consideration when implementing RFID systems to ensure accurate and reliable results.

UHF Passive RFID, also known as RAIN RFID, is a type of RFID technology primarily used by Inchz IoT. Unlike other RFID tags, RAIN RFID tags do not require a power source. Instead, they use energy from the RFID reader to activate the tag and transmit data.

A blind scanning of RFID technology provides an accuracy rate of approximately 97%.

However, by incorporating our RTIMS system algorithm, we can boost the accuracy rate to 100%. The RTIMS system algorithm helps to eliminate any potential errors or discrepancies in the RFID data collected.

GPS is an electric-powered tracking system that provides the location of an object by reference multiple satellites’ location signals. It’s generally used for outdoor location-tracking applications.

RFID is meant for both location-tracking and process-tracking applications. It derives ‘what, when, where, who, and how’ that answers the business needs. RFID is self-sustaining without requiring an external power source hence the maintenance of an RFID tag is negligible.

Fortunately, the data stored on RFID tags is encrypted and protected with a read-and-write password. The encryption and password protection ensure that the data stored on the RFID tag remains confidential and secure. 

Streamlining Logistics and Rental Asset Tracking
with RFID

RFID was once a premium technology for managing high-value assets or inventory. However, the cost of RFID devices and tags has decreased significantly in recent years due to widespread adoption by major corporations worldwide.
As the leading RFID solution provider in this region, our mission is to bring affordability to the masses by transforming the way businesses and people operate through the use of RFID technology. 
Nothing is cheap if it’s not bringing you the expected value, and nothing is expensive if it’s bringing you a great return.
Recognizing the challenges hindering the growth of your business, we have successfully resolved these issues for numerous multinational companies. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you and help your business reach new heights.